Wind Dancer Flag Outdoor Sign
Wind Dancer Flag
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Wind Dancer Flag


Improved Version Flag Display:
Material Upgrade, we give up the original easy-rust iron material, upgrade to Stainless Steel material, to ensure the product can be used for a long time without rust and painting dropping.

Pole With Base: Our display pole stand is delicate, durable, easy screwed Stainless Steel Screw. We fully polish the pole surfaces to ensure no scratches and defects.

Multi-Function: This flag display stand is used to display your ads,  promotions, or more. This highly portable display flag is available in both single and double-sided graphic options.

Base with Stability: The hollow base can be weighted with either water or sand, providing added stability. It will be firm to display the flag promotions.




    • Adjustable height up to 17’3″
    • The flag is approximately 43″ wide
    • Hardware adjustable for various graphic heights
    • Easy to position, erect and remove
    • Made from 100% recyclable materials
    • Single or double-sided graphic option

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Single Sided, Double Sided