Ace Eco Outdoor A Frame Sign
Ace Eco Outdoor Sign
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Ace Eco Outdoor Sign


High-Quality Material:
The outdoor sign is made from steel with a silver powder coat, providing a long-lasting display that holds up well to daily use in any location. Silver powder-coated finish on steel display offers durability to use for years to come.

Durable and Portable: Sidewalk Sign weight 14 lbs. Constructed with an all-iron frame structure, it is heavy and durable, beautiful and solid, and provides excellent wind performance.

Multi-Dimensional: With the A-frame sidewalk sign with the push-in design, posters can be placed into the slot from top to bottom, which is exquisite and beautiful and helps you replace ads in a much easier and convenient way.

Rust Proof Material: Outdoor sidewalk signs can be used for two 25.63″W x 32.5″H x 19.75″D board signs and posters. Coated with classic silver paint and coupled with a high-quality painted frame, it is rust-proof and durable.

  • Portable- Easy to carry and move around.
  • Easy Slide mechanism to slide and change out
  • Anti-skid bushes at the bottom
  • The locking mechanism prevents collapse
  • Double-sided A-frame Display stand