Blimp Tube Trade Show Overhead Hanging Signs
Blimp Tube Hanging Signs
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Blimp Tube Hanging Signs


High-Quality Material:
This Poster Hanging Sign is made of durable and lightweight aluminum to give it stability while hanging. While the graphic is made of Polyester that is soft, seamless, non-reflective, and Light-proof.

Humanized Design: This Blimp Tube Hanging Sign is an adjustable design, easy to adjust according to your height needs. Simple structure, easy to install, when it is not in use, it can be easily disassembled.

Multi-Function: This hanging sign is used to hang and display the advertising, price tag, banner, or suitable for a trade exhibition, restaurants, retail stores, offices, business halls, school, or more.



  • Straight aluminum tube frame
  • Lightweight, firm, and good quality
  • Easy in, easy out, easy to be changed
  • Graphics Protection & Replacement
  • Wrinkle-resistant polyester graphic poster
  • Carry bag included


  • Diameters 8’, 10’, 12’, & 15’
  • Heights 24”, 32”, 36”, 42”, & 48”

Additional information


8'24" BT824 Single Sided, 8'24" BT824 Single Sided, 8'32" BT832 Single Sided, 8'32" BT832 Double Sided, 8'36" BT836 Single Sided, 8'36" BT836 Double Sided, 8'42" BT842 Single Sided, 8'42" BT842 Double Sided, 8'42" BT842 Double Sided, 8'48" BT848 Double Sided, 10'24" BT1024 Single Sided, 10'24" BT1024 Double Sided, 10'32" BT1032 Single Sided, 10'32" BT1032 Double Sided, 10'36" BT1036 Single Sided, 10'36" BT1036 Double Sided, 10'42" BT1042 Single Sided, 10'42" BT1042 Double Sided, 10'48" BT1048 Single Sided, 10'48" BT1048 Double Sided, 12'24" BT1224 Single Sided, 12'24" BT1224 Double Sided, 12'32" BT1232 Single Sided, 12'32" BT1232 Double Sided, 12'36" BT1236 Single Sided, 12'36" BT1236 Double Sided, 12'42" BT1242 Single Sided, 12'42" BT1242 Double Sided, 12'48" BT1248 Single Sided, 12'48" BT1242 Double Sided, 15'24" BT1524 Single Sided, 15'24" BT1524 Double Sided, 15'32" BT1532 Single Sided, 15'32" BT1532 Double Sided, 15'36" BT1536 Single Sided, 15'36" BT1536 Double Sided, 15'42" BT1542 Single Sided, 15'42" BT1542 Double Sided, 15'48" BT1548 Single Sided, 15'48" BT1548 Double Sided, 20'24" BT2024 Single Sided, 20'24" BT2024 Double Sided, 20'32" BT2032 Single Sided, 20'32" BT2032 Double Sided, 20'36" BT2036 Single Sided, 20'36" BT2036 Double Sided, 20'42" BT2042 Single Sided, 20'42" BT2042 Double Sided, 20'48" BT2048 Single Sided, 20'48" BT2048 Double Sided