Blimp Trio Trade Show Hanging Signs
Blimp Trio Triangular Hanging Signs
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Blimp Trio Triangular Hanging Signs


Durable Tubing Frame:
This triangular blimp hanging sign is designed by interconnecting aluminum tubing to give it a frame-like structure. The poster holds zip to give it a triangular shape.

Reusable Frame: The hanging sign frame is easy to carry and store after disassemble and you can change the Poster at any time without damaging our aluminum tubing frame. Hover over tradeshow or shopping malls to get excellent exposure.

Easy to Hang: Hang this timeless, lightweight but durable piece of hanging sign in a matter of moments with a convenient structure within the aluminum tubing that connects together to create the sturdy frame.



  • An excellent marketing tool for getting more exposure
  • Stretched Pillowcase Graphic with zipping
  • Graphics Protection & Replacement
  • Replacement graphics for all blimps are available
  • Carry Case included


  • Diameters 8’, 10’, 12’, & 15’
  • Heights 24”, 36”, 42”, & 48”

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8'24" BE824 Single Sided, 8'24" BE824 Double Sided, 8'32" BE832 Single Sided, 8'32" BE832 Double Sided, 8'36" BE836 Single Sided, 8'36" BE836 Double Sided, 8'42" BE842 Single Sided, 8'42" BE842 Double Sided, 8'48" BE848 Single Sided, 8'48" BE848 Double Sided, 10'24" BE1024 Single Sided, 10'24" BE1024 Double Sided, 10'32" BE1032 Single Sided, 10'32" BE1032 Double Sided, 10'36" BE1036 Single Sided, 10'36" BE1036 Double Sided, 10'42" BE1042 Single Sided, 10'42" BE1042 Double Sided, 10'48" BE1048 Single Sided, 10'48" BE1048 Double Sided, 12'24" BE1224 Single Sided, 12'24" BE1224 Single Sided, 12'32" BE1232 Single Sided, 12'32" BE1232 Double Sided, 12'36" BE1236 Single Sided, 12'36" BE1236 Double Sided, 12'42" BE1242 Single Sided, 12'42" BE1242 Double Sided, 12'48" BE1248 Single Sided, 12'48" BE1242 Double Sided, 15'24" BE1524 Single Sided, 15'24" BE1524 Double Sided, 15'32" BE1532 Single Sided, 15'32" BE1532 Double Sided, 15'36" BE1536 Single Sided, 15'36" BE1536 Double Sided, 15'42" BE1542 Single Sided, 15'42" BE1542 Double Sided, 15'42" BE1542 Double Sided, 15'48" BE1548 Double Sided