Refund Policy

Here at Oui Promote we want you to be happy with your display purchase, so we work very hard to make sure we only offer quality products that will perform as advertised. The following terms and conditions apply to purchases made at Oui Promote.


Upon the acceptance of delivery, you agree that the package(s) have arrived without any visible shipping damage. If shipping damage is noted, sign for the delivery as damaged and contact us immediately. Failure to sign for the package(s) as damaged, refusal of the package, or neglecting to note after 3 business days any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process will be treated as a warranty claim and are subject to the terms and conditions of the product warranty. Any damage that occurred during shipping that was paid for as part of your order will be guaranteed and covered should the shipper lose or damage a product. We will process the claim information and replace the affected product. For orders shipped using a customer’s shipper number or a third party shipper number, the customer will be responsible for replacing the affected product at cost and following through with the claim through the shipping/freight company. We will begin the claim process and provide the customer with the claim information. Any further claim correspondence will be between the customer and the shipping/freight company. Oui Promote reserves the right to request documentation in the forms of photos, copies of packing slips and the like to ensure the issue is resolved promptly. “Standard questions” may also be asked in order to provide accurate and timely customer service. Failure to provide the necessary information requested may delay the claim process. 

An RMA/Case number may be issued depending on the warranty/claim. This number must be used in regards to all correspondence with the issue and adhered to any packaging sent to Power Graphics for assessment. Failure to adhere RMA/Case information to a package will delay the claim/warranty process.

Should you need to return a product due to order cancellation or any reason other than a warranty matter, Oui Promote reserves the right to carry out a full inspection of the product before accepting the return. All returns of this nature must be arranged within 72 hours after receipt of the product and are susceptible to a 25% restocking fee/charge.

We will not accept the return of a used or custom made product or graphic. Any product should be returned in the manner in which it was received. Order cancellations must be confirmed and approved by us. The cancellation of a production order for which Oui Promote has produced or ordered materials may result in fully charging for materials and labor, or imposing a minimum cancellation fee of up to 50% of the purchase/sale price. Oui Promote reserves the right to change prices or product designs as well as discontinue a product at any time without further notice. If a product is noted as defective that is a discontinued product; an exchange to an equivalent product will be offered or an upgrade to a premium product (at the discretion of Oui Promote) will be available with the customer responsible for the difference in cost. The customer agrees to pay any collections and court costs required for the enforcement of these terms and conditions.

We will always do our best to make sure that your display order arrives on time, and we will ship according to the method that you choose on your order. Since we have no control over mistakes or delays that are made by the shipping company, we cannot be responsible for shipments that arrive late as a result. We will however work with you and the shipping company to resolve any problems to the best of our ability. Always be sure to double check the shipping address you provide on your order to help minimize any shipping issues.


Our printed graphics are covered by a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated. There are no returns or refunds given on any graphics items such as printed graphics or design services. If we make a mistake on an order, we will correct the error at no cost to you. If there are printing problems that are a result of technical or equipment issues, we will reprint and ship the replacement at no charge. If you make an error on your order, we will fix the problem at your expense. All our printing is tightly calibrated for accuracy, but if your computer monitor and/or printer are not calibrated, it’s very possible that your files will not look like you expected since you’ve been viewing them on un-calibrated equipment. If the color is critical on your job, we recommend a reduced size physical printed proof, since that will show you exactly how your final print will look. If you don’t request a proof and you aren’t happy with the color, the print can be corrected and reprinted at your expense. If a problem with our equipment caused the color to be off, whether or not a proof was requested, we will replace the print at no charge.


There are no returns or refunds given on any customized items such as graphics, custom designed hardware or services provided. If we make a mistake on an order, we will correct the error at no cost to you.
We would like to be more helpful but since the product(s) or service(s) is designed specifically for your company and brand we wouldn’t be able to resell the items therefore the reason for the strict policy on returns and refunds.


Contact your sales representative and let them know that your display product is broken and is in need of a repair. They will provide you with the necessary details on how to get the product fixed. If the product is deemed un-repairable and is still under the manufacture warranty the product will be replaced. If the product was broken to misuse or during shipping that you or your company has arranged we are not responsible for this and the cost to fix the product will be passed on to you.