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Whirlwind Outdoor Sign Stand

Sturdy & Durable:
Heavier pedestal, more stable stand: Weight 23.8 lbs, The heavier padded base can resist the strong wind effectively. A compact durable base can be filled with water or sand for extra stability.

Stability: The base is anti-skid, can be added water or sand, can be used outdoors, the wind blows stand, Better stability, safer and more reliable. It works both indoors and outdoors.

Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for public places such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, restaurants, conferences, etc., to attract people’s attention.

DUAL-SIDED Display: The magnetic dry-erase board has two sides giving you twice the space to get your messages noticed.



  • Heavier pedestal, more stable stand
  • Humanized Design with durability
  • Add water, or sand, to the base for better stability
  • Single and double, both display available
  • Quick and easy graphic changes


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