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Temp-sani stand

Rectangular Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:
Just place your hand under the sanitizer dispenser, a perfectly measured amount of hand sanitizer will be dispensed.

Detachable Sign Board: Equipped with a Detachable Sign Board. The signage is perfect to remind people to sanitize.

Battery Or  1.5A DC Power Supply: You can choose to plug in a DC power supply or insert the battery. Designed for up to 30,000 dispenses per battery life.

Ideal For Any Setting: Our portable hand sanitizer dispenser with an adjustable stand can be used for schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bus stations, or any other public location.



  • Simple congregation
  • Sturdy prepare oneself post and burden base
  • Height alterable from 56–71″
  • Alarm for the coldness of some degree readings above 59.25° Fahrenheit
  • Battery-operated dealer accompanying lock


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