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Clamp-On Privacy Panels –
These plexiglass privacy panels are perfect for dividing open work areas and limiting distractions, allowing you to be with your coworkers while also enjoying your own space. Panels can be mounted above or below the desk.

Block Distractions – A great way to increase productivity is to block unnecessary distractions, and these dividers have you covered. The frosted appearance will give your office a clean, professional look that encourages focus and improves aesthetics.

Customize Your Space – Designed to fit the sides of your desk, the dividers can also be doubled up for a 48” back piece to accommodate your preferred layout. The space between the bottom of the panels and the top of your desk allows cable routing to reduce clutter.

Easy Installation – Clamp these panels to your desk (1″ – 2.5″ in thickness) for a secure, yet flexible setup. The clamps are easy to install for convenient placement.


  1. Panels are easily removable and can be relocated.
  2. Acoustical panels are lightweight and high impact resistant
  3. Perfectly designed to sit on top of cubicle walls
  4. Plexiglass features rounded radius on corners


Plexiglass dividers offered off-the-shelf in three sizes:

  • – 23.5″w x 23.5″h
  • – 47.5″w x 23.5″h
  • – 35.5″w x 23.5″h


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