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Social Distancing Footprint Floor Decals Crowd Control Stickers

Better Visibility Designed: Promote safe social distancing with floor stickers that everyone will see clearly. Our 8 ” social distance floor stickers stand out with a highly visible hint of black and yellow and text that encourages people to maintain a safe distance of 6 ‘.

WEAR AND WATER RESISTANT: Unlike other social signs that break easily, ours are coated with high-quality vinyl that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant. This means you can confidently clean floors without damaging the removable round stickers.

Sticks Firmly In Place: These are not soon-to-be-peeling social distance floor markers. These stickers will hold on to hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl thanks to the high-quality adhesive. Take them off when the time comes without leaving any residue.

Clean and Professional Appearance: Exudes professionalism regardless of the establishment. Use these decals as social distance floor stickers for kids, social distance signs for work, floor stickers for school, and crowd control decals for supermarkets, hospitals, churches, and much more.


      • Social Distancing Floor Stickers
      • Circular adhesive vinyl stickers
      • Non-slip, non-slip lamination
      • Waterproof, tear-proof, and easy to clean.
      • Secure backing floor
      • Vibrant colors and easy-to-read design
      • Available Diameters: 12*12, 18*18, 24*24, 36*36

      Package Includes:
      1* pack of 10 Floor Decals


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