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Enhance Workplace Safety – The Snapper Hanging Guard is a rugged, aluminum-framed acrylic shield that helps protect staff and customers by reducing exposure to sneezes, coughs, and airborne aerosols.

HANGING DESIGN – Complete with two well-balanced ropes, our thick acrylic protector can be hung over countertops, desks, or workspaces to provide a hands-free protective shield that allows for seamless interactions.

SUPPORTS DAILY BUSINESS: This acrylic hanging protector can be used in a wide range of areas, including at checkout counters in supermarkets or gas stations, in restaurants, classrooms at school, and much more.

Great Protection: The protective shield can be used in a hair salon, nail salons, reception, offices, banks, pharmacies, bill counters and shops, etc., it serves as a protective barrier against sneezing and coughing when you have to approach or communicate with others at work.


  • Easy mounting and portability make this the perfect barrier
  • Versatile protector for multiple uses.
  • A simple way to protect your employees
  • Snap rail for quick graphic change and easy setup
  • Ultra-clear acrylic shield.


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