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Be Smart Customizable Social Distancing Floor Decal

With their unique design and bright colors, these decals help your clients, employees, and guests with these social distance floor signs. Say softly “welcome and practice social distancing” for your guest.

COMMERCIAL GRADE VINYL – High-quality vinyl sticker that peels off and sticks easily on the floor. Easy to clean and remove without leaving residue. The social distancing stickers are visible everywhere thanks to their sharp colors and design. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Business Social Distance Stickers – These stickers guide customers to keep their distance from each other without the help of additional in-store staff. Throughout this time of uncertainty, companies need to show solidarity with their customers by doing their part to flatten the curve. The earlier social distance measures are introduced for your brand, the slower infection rates will be.

SLIP RESISTANT – All of our floor stickers are protected with a non-slip coating which is perfect for extending the durability of the stickers, especially if used with increased floor cleaning or in high traffic areas that may require slip resistance.


  • Social Distancing Floor Stickers
  • Rectangular signs are 18”w x 12”h
  • Arrow signs are 6”w x 8”h
  • Circular adhesive vinyl stickers
  • Non-slip, non-slip lamination
  • Waterproof, tear-proof, and easy to clean.
  • Available Diameters: 12”, 18”, 24” and 36” square sign
  • Custom designs are also available


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