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Bannitizer Sanitizing Station

Durable Plastic & Printing:
The Sanitize Hands Here display uses thick HDPE (high-density polyethylene). The plastic display can be used Outdoor and Indoor with long-lasting Printing.

Easy Installation: This Hand Sanitizer Sign can be mounted to fence posts and at the doors. This Sanitizer Use Sign can be installed easily with Double side Tape as well.

Retractor Display: The easy-to-use and easy-to-move retractor display will prove you a barrier without making you feel enclosed or blocking the view of your surroundings. Features lightweight aluminum base, two swivels for stability, shock-cord pole for easy use, snap rail at the top, and clear vinyl banner.

Prominent Sign: This Sanitizing station sign is used to locate and make a visible hand sanitizer dispenser.



  • Easy fashionable, smooth out, easy expected exchanged
  • Two Folds up flat for easy conveyance and depository
  • Single or double-be on the edge captivating drawings
  • An open-air yard sign namely double-support idea or cause publicly to exaggerate advertising from various guidance


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