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How Covid-19 Decimated The Trade Show Industry

How Things Are Slowly Starting To Creep Back Towards What It Was Prior To Covid-19?

Before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, trade shows were widely attended. In fact, millions of people participated every year. However, things came to a halt at soon as the pandemic affected the world. It resulted in hotels closing and convention centers emptying. However, in-person meetings are finally making a comeback. Today, people attend meetings by putting on a facemask, whereas, others are not required to wear a covering over their faces.

When attendees gathered for ASD Market Week in Las Vegas, everything seemed normal except the fact that people had to wear a facemask. Although people are cautious about venturing outside their homes, they are glad to get outside and meet other people. However, it could take a few years until conferences attract the same number of crowds as they used to before Covid-19.

There are many businesses and countries that have placed restrictions on travel. Large trade events are still being held such as the Canton Trade Fair in China. However, many people are opting for virtual admission as health concerns remain. It is important to be careful as people are still being infected. When the New York Auto Show had been announced to over a million people, it had to be canceled due to the delta variant emerging. But, it is clear that virtual trade shows are here to stay, while huge in-person events become rare. Besides, hosting virtual events increases accessibility and allows those people to attend who would otherwise be unable to travel. 

Embrace The Change

Since it is not possible to go back to how things used to be in the past, it is important that we all come together to embrace the change. There are plenty of lessons that we have learned that we can follow for improving how trade shows are held. It is very much possible to improve how events are held. Moreover, hosting virtual events costs less money and allows more people to attend. In fact, virtual events can be visited by an unlimited number of people. However, there is a need to replicate the quality of interaction that is offered by in-person meetings.

As for trade shows that are held, they will require attendees to be fully vaccinated and wear a facemask. It would resume the art of human interaction. Trade shows are used to generate billions of dollars. It is not possible to resume such a high level of spending. But, sustainability can be ensured to allow the industry to thrive. There have been significant economic losses due to the pandemic. Fortunately, the demand for in-person events is still there. People realize just how big of a role meeting others in real life can play. 

In Conclusion

Although time will tell the future of trade shows after the pandemic, there are positive signs which reveal that the industry is experiencing a revival. It should only take some time to see massive change.