Trappa tube sanitizing station

Promotes Safety & Hygiene
: Keep your hands clean and sanitized at all times. Just place your hand under the dispenser and a good amount of hand sanitizing solution will drip on your palms.

Mess-Free Use: Keep your floor surfaces clean and dry. This automatic sanitizer dispenser comes with a built-in drip catcher, preventing drops of liquid or gel from messing up your floors.

Assembles In Minutes: Get this hand sanitizer station up and running in minutes. There’s no need to take all those complicated tools out to assemble this automatic sanitizer machine.

Easy Fill & Refill: The automatic dispenser houses a refillable 1200ml inner bottle. Fill it up with your preferred liquid or gel sanitizer solutions (not included in the package).



  • Trappa frame create a clear guarding lens
  • It holds a 1000ml batter purifier dealer with lock use coagulate and a liquid sanitizing mixture of liquid and another substance
  • Sturdy prepare oneself post and prepare oneself base
  • Front stowing graphic machine create pictorial changes easy


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